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Sand, surf and fun create the inspiration of Twin Pieces. ~ Handcrafted jewelry made on Maui. ~

founders of twin pieces

Our story began in 2010, when we both traveled across the Pacific Ocean with our own families and five other team members to an extremely remote island called Siargao. There, we served the poverty stricken community through education, art and service. Two of the ladies that traveled on our team from Maui shared a mission to teach the local women how to make jewelry so that they could have another source of income. We were both on this mission team to serve, and while doing so, we also learned the art of jewelry-making alongside the Siargao women.

We both immediately fell in love with jewelry-making. Sharing common interests such as surfing, shell hunting and art, eventually our hobbies grew into a business as our friends and family asked to buy our pieces. We found something that summarized our passions and interests, in an art form we enjoy.

Our jewelry represents our love for our beautiful islands, and the lifestyle of beach and surf we live daily. From handpicked seashells, sea-glass and coral to delicate stones and beads, we combine our favorite styles and colors to create the unique pieces. Sharing many passions and interests as close friends, we found the name Twin Pieces to be the most appropriate. And, of course, Minti's twin daughters also inspire the name. Monica's daughter (Akasia, age 5) and Minti's daughters (Lila and Talia, age 3), insist on participating in shell hunting with us. Some of the pieces you hold in your hands include shells and sea charms that our own little treasures have discovered.

We hope you enjoy our jewelry. It is an honor and privilege to be able to share our story, our passions, our lifestyle and our artwork with you.

Monica and Minti - Co-Owners and Jewelry Designers of Twin Pieces

10% of our profits go to Hope for the Island, Siargao. Please visit www.hopefortheisland.org .

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